Reliable Animal Nail Care Treatment

For dogs regular nail care is a very important. Not only is it crucial that your pet’s nails are treated so that they look good but there are also a range of health benefits that come with having a healthy set of nails. First of all, nails that aren’t treated for correctly can be a sign of more deep-rooted problems for your pet which may get worse down the line. On top of that, poor nail care for your pet is a surefire way of ensuring that your hardwood floors, brand new rug or fancy dining chairs get damaged. Why take this risk when the number one dog nail care specialists are right here on your doorstep in your area. Happy Tales Family Pets, Inc. has a wealth of experience in all aspects of dog nail care and are eager to assist your pet.

Doggy Pawdicure

For some, a doggy pedicure or pawdicure might seem like little more than the latest fad in the pet grooming industry. However, the truth of the matter is that this service is extremely beneficial to your pet dog. This is especially true if your dog lives in a cold environment and spends time outdoors in the winter months.

Removing the hair between your dog’s footpads is one of the most important parts of our superior pawdicure service. The reason for this is simple. When you take your dog for a walk in the wintertime you may notice that he or she will sometimes hop or move awkwardly rather than walking normally. This is because of ice balls that form. A dog can get ice balls on its feet because of excessive hair between their pads. This in turn results in ice balls which can often bruise or cut your dog’s feet. A regular pedicure treatment from us, will remove that unnecessary hair, making it much easier for your dog to navigate outside in the winter. On the other hand, you may just want your dogs nails to match yours, and that can be arranged too. At Happy Tales Family Pets, Inc. we aim to please!

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At Happy Tales Family Pets, Inc., animal nail care is much more than a job, it is our passion. It is this commitment to what we do that drives us to better ourselves every single day. For us, good simply isn’t good enough and it is this commitment to excellence that sets us apart from other pet care companies in the area. When you bring your pet to us we will ensure that he or she receives the most efficient nail care treatment possible carried out in a quick and painless fashion. So, what are you waiting for? Call today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our premium service. We promise, your pet will thank you for it.

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As a family we are making a decision, a decision, that was a difficult one to make. We have decided to close down for boarding & grooming, this will be effective on September 28th.

We want to say Thank You to all of our amazing pet families. It has been an honor to be entrusted with the care of your pets. We have been incredibly blessed within this community of pet families!

This past year has presented a couple of health challenges within our family,that are not resolved as of yet. We are at a crossroads, and simply need to make some transitional changes.

Thank you again, for a wonderful 3 years of serving you and your pets. We will miss you and your furry pets.

Hi everyone… “It’s Nina, your groomer at Happy Tales. I’m so sad to see the doors closing as I have been here a long time. I wish the Nisley family so much happiness. They are a wonderful family and it has been a joy working with them. To all my clients, I also groom in portage so if you’re interested in remaining with me we can get you that info. To all my clients who don’t want to drive that far( I totally get it) I have a recommendation for you with another groomer in Constantine so again let us know. It’s been a pleasure to be your groomer.”